Polyevolution : The ORBIT Project, Workshops & Hackathon

PolyEvolution and Hackathon

Presented by Shannon Clarke and Byron Gibson

Today we were privileged to have two special guests : Mr. Shannon Clarke who is presently focusing on Software Engineering and Mr. Byron Gibson who specializes and has chosen a career centered around Business and  International Business consulting. Byron has since then started a Tech Startup Company geared towards the mobile platform.

Shannon kicked off the session, approaching the presentation from the practical aspect of development which was right up his avenue – Software Engineering whilst Byron took the business and marketing perspective.

The presentation wasn’t only about imparting knowledge on building software and the steps involved but how to maximize the revenue your application gains.

Shannon and Byron encouraged the society to be first and foremost innovative. Byron highlighted that to be innovative means you need to have ideas and the best way to develop ideas is to look around you and find problems to be solved. Consider the growth drivers expected in the future , the target market and use that as a spring board towards developing your application or service.

Expected growth in next 24 months
Expected growth in next 24 months

Target Market
Target Market

Although Byron took the background role in the presentation, he left us with two important quotes.

 ” Don’t let the fear of failure strangle your ambition” and
 ” Innovation is the by-product of your imagination”

In the final moments of the presentation, PolyEvolution: The ORBIT Project was promoted to assist with the business startup process as well as an invitation to the ‘Starting your own Tech Company and Hackathon Bootcamp’ on February 05th 2016.

Visit PolyEvolution for more information and upcoming events and register for the bootcamp here.

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