Math Symposium



‘There is a phobia of Mathematics.’ -Professor Clive Landis – Deputy Principal

Today, a couple members of the CSS team had the pleasure and honor to be apart of ‘A Symposium On Mathematics’ held at the UWI Oval. The quote above was an exert from the speech given by Professor Landis, on the situation that is, the lack of application and interest, students exhibit in the field of Mathematics. Dr.Landis continued to mention about STEM in Barbados, which is becoming an emerging key area in an increasingly technological world and the universities part in making sure students and urging our children to not be afraid of mathematics but to embrace it.

In attendance among the academia, the Chief Educational Officer for the Ministry of Education, Dr. Roderick Rudder, touched on the application of a new approach in schools for the education of mathematics, offering his own solutions as to how the ‘phobia’ surrounding mathematics can be addressed. Also he spoke on how the educators themselves should feel, that is, confident and well versed in the material presented to the students and having an understanding of what can hinder a student’s learning. Mentioning that earnest doesn’t only lie with the educator’s themselves but also with the students to be able correct and identify their own misunderstandings.

Mathematics is challenging and uninteresting to students [the way that it is taught right now] and methods should be implemented which will stimulate and create an interest in mathematics which will increase skill and knowledge in a variety of ways.

Dr. Depradine stated that there would be more symposiums pertaining to various concerns about the institution as it makes an effort to move towards a more active state.

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