Knowledge is Power

Before we dive into the happenings of our CSS session “Knowledge is Power” which took place February 9th, 2018 let us first analyze the title. What is Knowledge? It is the acquired skills, information and facts acquired by a person through education or experience; theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Now we know how to define knowledge but how is power defined? It’s the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality. We have defined both Knowledge and Power, now I pose a question to you, Is knowledge power? you can take your time and ponder as we take you through our experience and what we learned.

Our guest speaker, Donovan Smith MSc. CEng. MIE gave us his personal insight by asking us a few questions about our agenda in life and the difference between a degree, certificate and, diploma. A certificate has an expiration date, you can only be certified for a period of time before you have to be recertified whereas a degree does not. Our wonderful members also added that a degree represents theoretical knowledge, your level of thought and understanding/logic while certification shows how adept you are at performing specific tasks and processes and retain the practical skills to do the task. Some of you, like some of our members, may be wondering if it may not be easier to just get either a degree or do a certification. We have discovered that there are benefits to both as you will discover later in this article but it most importantly depends on you. These are some of the questions our members were asked, this may help you to determine what path may be more efficient for you depending on your goals:

  • What would you like to be?
  • Where do you see yourself going
  • Is certification needed?
    • Does it make you more marketable or effective?

We were also given some very intriguing quotes that helps to represent the meaning of knowledge such as

Knowledge is the practical application of information and data available in the organization

After you have answered some of the questions aforementioned you can then look into what you may need to achieve your goal, be it a degree, diploma, certificate or a combination.

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