January 19, 2018


The Computer Science Society (CSS) grew out of the faculty’s CSC/PUG (“Computer Science Club / Power Users Group”).  The club was originally conceived by the faculty’s I.T. Technician Maurice Beckles but was refined with guidance from members of the Computer Science and Electronics disciplines namely: Dr. Adrian Als, Mrs. Tessa King-Inniss, Dr. Thomas Edward, Dr. Ramon Sargeant, and Dr. Hussein Thompson.  The first cohort of students brought the concept into reality under the leadership of Jamario Thorne, Branden Spooner, and Sarah Griffith sparking a monumental shift in CS culture at the UWI.

The CSS provides students with the opportunity to apply the theories and ideas gained in the classroom to real-world problems through simulations, internships, and community work.  During Semester I of the 2014/2015 academic year, when the concept was piloted.  Initial numbers were expected to average around fifteen members; however, the first day numbers exceeded thirty-five students and averaged twenty-six+ weekly afterward.

In the years following its initial launch CSS members have gone on to consult on projects with the Cave Hill Library, CERMES, and independently.  Many of our students have gone on to find rewarding careers in the cryptocurrency, telecoms, insurance, banking, and automotive industries.  Sessions typically run on Fridays during the semester check our calendar and come join us!