Are You Connected?

Fellow CSSrs certainly were as they got hands-on experience understanding networking with Network Security Engineers Renne Mings and David Smith. Their presentation outlined the key components to networking; the OSI model, networking communication, networking equipment, network connectivity and network troubleshooting tools. By the end of it, all students were given a demonstration of how to Read more about Are You Connected?[…]

Bi-Elections, 2016 – 2017 Semester I

Bi-Elections will be held Friday, September 16 in our next session. Last semester (2015 – 2016 Semester II) was the last semester for many of the Executive Team as well as the Media Committee who will all be graduating in October. As such the following positions are currently available on the Executive Team: Vice President Read more about Bi-Elections, 2016 – 2017 Semester I[…]

Polyevolution : The ORBIT Project, Workshops & Hackathon

PolyEvolution and Hackathon

Presented by Shannon Clarke and Byron Gibson

Today we were privileged to have two special guests : Mr. Shannon Clarke who is presently focusing on Software Engineering and Mr. Byron Gibson who specializes and has chosen a career centered around Business and  International Business consulting. Byron has since then started a Tech Startup Company geared towards the mobile platform. […]

MEAN Seminar



Today, the Computer Science Society at UWI Cave Hill, through one of our members, Shamar Kellman, hosted a MEAN Seminar.  MEAN, in this case, is not what you refer to your parents as when they tell you no. Instead it refers to the free and open source software stack for building dynamic web sites and applications. MEAN is merely a combination of  MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. [1] […]