Are Women as Good as Men in I.T?

Are Women As Good As Men In Information Technology?

Women vs Men. Posing the question of whether one gender is better than the other is like placing yourself below cracking ice. It is a frightful situation, and one sudden move can cause you to sink to the freezing bottom. Yet, hearing the answers to this question is a risk worth taking. In these cases, Read more about Are Women As Good As Men In Information Technology?[…]

How Technical Are You?

Whether it’s with friends, family, colleagues or random persons on the internet, we always use communication. We use it through the words we say and type, through the side eyes we give or even the impatient snapping of our fingers. There’s no doubt that communication leads our everyday lives; with the messages we want to convey Read more about How Technical Are You?[…]

Are You Connected?

Fellow CSSrs certainly were as they got hands-on experience understanding networking with Network Security Engineers Renne Mings and David Smith. Their presentation outlined the key components to networking; the OSI model, networking communication, networking equipment, network connectivity and network troubleshooting tools. By the end of it, all students were given a demonstration of how to Read more about Are You Connected?[…]

Bi-Elections, 2016 – 2017 Semester I

Bi-Elections will be held Friday, September 16 in our next session. Last semester (2015 – 2016 Semester II) was the last semester for many of the Executive Team as well as the Media Committee who will all be graduating in October. As such the following positions are currently available on the Executive Team: Vice President Read more about Bi-Elections, 2016 – 2017 Semester I[…]

Barbados Light & Power Company Limited Visit

The CSS was pleased to have been offered the opportunity to visit the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) on Friday, 9th September, 2016. The purpose of the visit was to expose the CSS to the concept of enterprise IT. Enterprise IT or Enterprise Information Technology, also known as enterprise-class IT, refers to the Read more about Barbados Light & Power Company Limited Visit[…]

CSS App Workshop

The Summer App Workshop was organized in partnership with the Faculty of Science & Technology (through the CSS Coordinator Maurice Beckles) and Extension Engine ( with Mike Miklavic, Dino Cikatic and Andrej Scorci serving as their representatives. The purpose was to give students the opportunity to learn from top software engineers and build then deploy Read more about CSS App Workshop[…]