Bi-Elections, 2016 – 2017 Semester I

Bi-Elections will be held Friday, September 16 in our next session. Last semester (2015 – 2016 Semester II) was the last semester for many of the Executive Team as well as the Media Committee who will all be graduating in October.

As such the following positions are currently available on the Executive Team:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

The Media Committee also requires filling and as such the following positions are available:

  • Content Designer
  • Social Media Correspondent
  • Web Developer
  • Videographer/Photographer

Below are descriptions of the positions, the typical responsibilities of members in that post as well the skills needed to perform well in those roles. What we hope to accomplish is finding a CSS member who has enough of these skills and has the desire to do the role to the best of their ability. The previous members in these roles will be mentoring the newly elected members so have no fear! You will gain all the help you need until you are fully equipped to man the battle stations on your own.

This is the perfect opportunity to assert your leadership, build your soft skills, as well as be more active in guiding the direction of the Computer Science Society and its members.


Vice President

The Vice President is the secondary student contact for the student organization and regularly interacts with other student organizations and University officials. The Vice President is the “Right Hand” of the President and must be ready to assume the position of President in the event the current President is unable to do so, or at the very least, fill in for the President if he/she is away. The responsibilities of this position tend to include but are not limited to:

Main Duties:

  1. Be familiar with agenda planning for Club and Board meetings.
  2. Help plan the agenda for Board meetings, giving particular attention to plans and actions of a particular group of Committees.
  3. Assist the President with oversight of event planning
  4. Learn the general duties of all Club officers and Committees in order to substitute as may be required.
  5. Act as a sounding board for the President, listen to ideas and plans and advise when possible.
  6. Be familiar with the president’s duties so you can assist where necessary
  7. Introduce a program/presenter
  8. Thank a presenter
  9. Accept any special assignment presented by the President.
  10. Preside over meetings in the absence of the president.
  11. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role
  12. Ensure club secretary has mailed and communicated all relevant correspondence such as minutes, monthly reports, meetings, etc
  13. Gather material for and help edit a club newsletter.
  14. See that a weekly club newsletter is produced.

As Counselor to the Committee

  1. Understands the Club organization structure and the responsibilities and procedures for each of the Committees.
  2. Ensures the Committees are staffed, have the necessary materials, are aware of pertinent information and function in the proper manner.
  3. Makes sure Committee Chairs are well prepared for Committee meetings.
  4. Provides behind-the-scenes guidance to the Committees.
  5. Meets with the Committees; when necessary, gives needed assistance.
  6. Notes ability of Committee members; recommends talented ones for future responsibilities.


The Treasurer has responsibility for all the Club’s finances and the maintenance of accounts. The Treasurer provides reports to the Vice President on the financial standing of the club and a detailed report of the club’s financial status at the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for communicating with the Guild of Student and the Faculty Office on financial matters including the provision of estimates for expenditure.

Main Duties:

  1. Liaise with the Guild of Students on matters of finance
  2. Draw up a Club budget
  3. Seek sponsorship, if required
  4. Keep simple but detailed records of income and expenditure
  5. Keep inventory of Club property
  6. Have records open to inspection by the Faculty Advisors, Dean of Science & Technology
  7. Apply for grants from other bodies if required
  8. Organize fundraising events
  9. Compile an end of year financial report to be submitted along with the Secretaries annual report to the Guild of Students in June
  10. Collect any monies that is owed to the club
  11. Getting order forms, raising a cheque and getting petty cash from the Sports & Societies Office.
  12. Serves as primary signatory on financial accounts
  13. Inform club President and Vice President of the financial strengths and weaknesses of the Club.
  14. Report on any transitions at Committee meetings
  15. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role


The Secretary is the nerve centre of the club – ‘the one who is in the know’. The Secretary is the principle administrative officer.

Main Duties:

  1. Obtains appropriate facilities for organization activities
  2. Keeps a record of all members of the organization
  3. Keeps a record of all activities of the organization
  4. Prepares an agenda with the President or Vice President for all meetings
  5. Notifies all members of meetings
  6. Prepares minutes of all regular club meetings
  7. Prepares organization's calendar of events
  8. Keeps the organization informed of both organizational and university business
  9. Keeps and distributes minutes of each meeting of the organization
  10. Creates and distributes agendas for each meeting of the organization
  11. Maintains attendance at all meetings
  12. Serve as the organization’s recognition and appreciation coordinator
  13. Maintains organizational records, storage, and office
  14. Prepares and files any report required
  15. Handles all official correspondence of the organization
  16. Collects organization mail from the adviser or wherever mail is received
  17. Represents organization at official functions
  18. Remains fair and impartial during organization decision making process
  19. Performs other duties as directed by the President
  20. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role


Web Developer

The Web Developer is responsible for developing and creating websites and associated applications where necessary to facilitate broader communication of the Cub.

Main Duties:

  1. Gather student feedback from other CSS members about website
  2. Designing webpage layout and UX (User Experience)
  3. Creating backup files
  4. Updating the websites
  5. Change the theme of website according to the time of semester/ year
  6. Manage member webpage access and security restrictions
  7. Manage member email access and restrictions
  8. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role

Content Designer

The Content Designer is responsible for researching and determining the most appropriate and relevant content to be displayed in print.

Main Duties:

  1. Develop flyers for next 4 sessions
  2. Build email lists of students in club
  3. Create a spreadsheet to collect email addresses from public at each event the club is present
  4. Design and develop a template for monthly newsletter
  5. Collect summary of each session and create monthly newsletter
  6. Research topics of interest relating to IT and computer science. See, TechCrunch, and other IT/CompSci scientific magazines.
  7. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role

Social Media Correspondent

The role of Social Media Correspondent is to be the online voice of the Club across its various social media pages. This entails solid reporting skills and producing a host of informative, balanced and engaging segments on the Club’s social media pages.

Main Duties:

  1. Organize, describe and convey content and brainstorm topics of what will be shared on media
  2. photos, videos, how-to, IT resources, business ideas, job opportunities, blogs, infographics etc
  3. Develop a list of hashtags for social media
  4. Find best solution for scheduling and sharing posts e.g Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck (for twitter)
  5. Schedule content for 3-4 weeks in advance, where possible for social media
  6. Manage Linkedin, Youtube Channel, Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages
  7. Choose daily content and engagement of the Club across social media pages.
  8. Monitor and effectively utilize Club’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc accounts that were designed to communicate relevant news information about the Club
  9. Respond in a timely manner to the public interactions on the various social media pages
  10. Develop a CSS social media challenges to increase participation (monthly perhaps)
  11. Identify opportunities or relevant information/ events for club
  12. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role


The Videographer/Photographer is responsible for documenting the activities, events and functions of the club via photographs and videos.

Main Duties:

  1. Photographing events, sessions and other activities
  2. Recording and editing videos
  3. Storing videos and photos using approved devices and storage procedures.
  4. Any other duties as defined by Media Head, or President.
  5. Work with their replacement and help him/her prepare to take over the role

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