We offer an environment that fosters camaraderie among individuals who strive for great things in life, whether it be in Information Technology or not.


By opening up our members to industry professionals, new technologies and personal development we encourage them to then engage in the practical side of computer science and information technology. We prefer to leave excessive theory in the classroom and instead practice, practice, practice!


We are all about finding creative ways to use technology in everyday life. In addition we encourage our members to share their ideas and collaborate in interdisciplinary teams.

Who is the Computer Science Society?

The Computer Science Society, also known as the CSS, is a group of enthusiastic individuals who are immersed in the exciting world of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT). Each member of the CSS has an aspect of CSIT that is the source of their thirst for constant knowledge. In addition, we advocate our members’ personal growth via encouraging the exploration of new topics and experiences related to CSIT. We connect with CSIT professionals and experts to provide a stepping stone towards the professional and personal advancement of our members.

Each one of us is different, albeit being driven by a common cause. We may differ in race, culture, gender, religion, personalities and so much more but an important fact remains; we are a family brought together by the love for technology that flows through our veins.

  • Acing interviews, presenting, team work, develop contacts

  • Programming, web development, cabling, technical writing

  • Hive minding, group exploration

  • Competitions, gaming, social gatherings


Rashawn Clarke


Jason Quintyne

Vice President

Kyle Dodson

Public Relations Officer

Kelsie Mason


Shanice Waterman


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